New Indian School

General Rules


  1. Genuine respect and love towards teachers are the important values woven into the Teacher – student relationship.
  2. Students are expected to greet all visitors and members of the staff with respect.
  3. No books other than the text and library books shall be brought to school. Students are allowed to use only the standard notebooks printed which are available at the school store. No student is permitted to carry CDs or flash drives to school unless necessary or directed by the teachers.
  4. Proper school uniform is mandatory except on birthdays / special occasions for KG & Primary wing. Violation of uniform norms will result into disciplinary action. Students are not allowed to color their hair or apply gel on them. Students should be clean and neatly dressed.
  5. The name, class and section of the pupil should be clearly marked on all belongings of the student. Blazer, coat and jersey should also bear the name of the student.
  6. It is strictly for bidden to throw anything at anyone or to chew gum in school , Students found violating the rule will be fined.

7    Students who come to the school on their own should arrive at school before the first bell rings. Latecomers should present themselves to the committee before they enter the classroom.

  1. The school insists on punctuality, regular attendance, cleanliness in dress, polish in manners and fidelity to study. English is the language of instruction and conversation in the school, except in oriental language classes.
  2. Moral Science, Value Education and Islamic classes are also arranged and students are tuned for a genuine moral experience.
  3. The school reserves the right to dismiss students whose diligence or progress in studies is unsatisfactory, whose conduct is harmful to other children or whose guardians show little interest in the progress of their wards. Immorality, grave in subordination, contempt of authority and willful damage to school property are sufficient reasons for immediate dismissal.
  4. A student who uses unfair means and receives or gives assistance in any form during Tests / Exams will be given Zero in the subject and is liable to be dismissed from the school.
  5. Every student is responsible for the safe-keeping of his own belongings. The school does not accept any responsibility for their loss. The students are not allowed to bring valuable articles like ornaments, mobile phones, cameras, i-pods etc. to school. Under no circumstances are the students allowed to keep excess money with them.
  6. Students are expected to conduct themselves with dignity and poise. They shall be courteous to their elders, kind and co-operative with their fellow students.
  7. Parents, guardians or relatives are not allowed to see the students or meet their teachers during school hours without prior written permission of the Principal.
  8. In the absence of a teacher, the class leader will see that order and silence is maintained. If the teacher has not yet arrived within three minutes of the time schedule for the period, the monitor should send his / her assistant to the Wing Supervisor.

Leave of Absence

  1. Absence must be explained in the form of a leave note on the page of the diary set apart for the purpose along with the parent’s/guardian’s signature. Only the parent / guardian will enter remarks or sign in the diary.
  2. Leave of absence is not granted except on PRIOR WRITTEN APPLICATION from parent / guardian (except in the case of unforeseen circumstances). Every absence must be briefly entered in the Leave Record page and duly signed by the parent /guardian.
  3. Repeated or extended absence (of fifteen days or more) without written permission shall render the student liable to have his / her name struck off the roll.
  4. For long absence on account of illness, a medical certificate must be submitted. A student returning to school after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease should produce a doctor’s certificate, permitting him / her to attend school. Students suffering from the following diseases must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to class
  1. Students will not be permitted to take leave while parents are on vacation.
  2. Avoid your children from going on long leaves for personal reasons.

School Transport

  1. For good orderliness in the bus, students should co-operate with the bus squad.
  2. In disciplined behavior in the school bus shall render the student in eligible for using the school transport.
  3. Students are expected not to put their heads, hands or elbows beyond the protective bars of the windows. Students shall avoid shouting, passing remarks at people outside, waving hands to passers-by, throwing things out of the bus and speaking in any language other than English.
  4. Bus fee has to be paid term-wise and is non-refundable in case one leaves in between. For discontinuing the bus facilities, one month’s notice or fee in lieu is required.
  5. Children are expected to put on their tags, in order to avoid any confusion.
  6. Parents are advised to be at the pickup points before their wards board and alight from the bus.
  7. Students must return home by the same bus in which they go to school. If parents want them to use another bus, are quest note should be sent in student’s school diary or the child would not be permitted.
  8. Students using private transport should be collected before 1.20 p.m. from school.
  9. Leave home well in advance so that you won’t have to run to catch the bus.
  10. Avoid running across roads and vehicles as you may slip and fall.
  11. Students on missing their vehicles after school should report to the school office immediately.
  12. Move to the respective transport after school without loitering around the
  13. Refrain from inviting friends to the school premises before boarding the vehicles.


  1. The school uniform is a discipline in itself and should be adhered to strictly. The set pattern and color should be followed.