I. Eligibility

  • Admission is granted strictly on merit irrespective of nationality, gender, religion etc.
  • Only those who have completed 3 years by 15thMarch, are eligible for admission to the Lower Kindergarten.
  • Students coming from other schools will be admitted only when the School Leaving Certificate from the previous school is submitted.
  • For admissions the parent is expected to submit the duly filled application forms in Arabic and English.
  • Students have to clear the entrance exam and interview with the principal.
  • Application for admission should be made on the prescribed form which can be obtained from the school office/website, at the time of admission.

II. Documents Required

III. Fee Structure

Transportation Fees

IV. TC Format

V. Admission, Withdrawal, Promotion

  • Application for withdrawals must be submitted on or before the deadline issued by the school.
  • The School Leaving Certificates will be issued only if all the school dues have been paid and when any school property taken on loan has been returned.
  • The term fee has to be paid even if the child leaves in the middle of the term or attends the school for a day during the term.
  • A student who fails twice in a class will have to leave the school.