This wonderful Irish baby title comes to us from cats, and specially through the famous, and ancient, Irish poem Pangur-Ban, that has been published by a monk about their beloved white feline.

This wonderful Irish baby title comes to us from cats, and specially through the famous, and ancient, Irish poem Pangur-Ban, that has been published by a monk about their beloved white feline.


The word “ban” means “white,” in Gaelic. The poem is translated by many scholars through the years, including poet W.H. Auden and also the late, august Irish poet Seamus Heaney.

However the true title normally great for an infant for another explanation. The legend associated with the monk and their cat that is cherished has adapted into an acclaimed children’s image b k, that is created for presch l-aged kiddies. Pangur-Ban also features into the 2009 children’s film The trick of Kells. So in summary, the true name is charming as all get-out all the way throughout the board.

It’s also really uncommon Nameberry doesn’t have any stats onto it. So that as far as “haunting” goes, what ghost can be a lot better than the ghost of an angelic cat that is white?


There in fact is something to a true title, or a phrase, that’s just straight-up stunning to know, whether it indicates such a thing profound or not. That is the logic behind the famous “cellar d r” philosophy of linguistics, anyhow — and there’s lots of truth to it.

“L” names have a tendency to be particularly gorgeous and lilting, mostly as a result of L’s fluidity and effortlessly transitional quality as a sound. The title “Lilia” is not all that unusual. Though it’s not popular in the usa, Nameberry shows it once the 270th most name that is popular Germany at the time of 2016, and also the 399th most well known name in England, additionally as of 2016.

Lilia (or Lillia, in the event that you will) is really a flower title. It comes down from “Lily,” and its particular more well-known (and equally stunning) variants, like Liliana, Lalaina, and also the traditional Lillian, are more or less household names. However, if you are l king for a title that is going to seem hauntingly beautiful no matter who’s pronouncing it or just how it’s spelled, Lilia is really a wonderful choice, and types of a perpetual dessert for the palate also. Just phone it the Cellar D r of Female Names.


Freya (or Freyja, as you ch se) is yet another powerful warrior name for a effective girl that is warrior. The mythological Freya was a revered Norse goddess whom presided over “love, fertility, battle, and death,” in accordance with legend. She ended up being the child associated with the sea god Njord, and had a mode that is fabulous of in the form of a chariot drawn by cats.

Fierce she was also sentimental, and was known to weep tears of gold as she was. And also as far as death went, her privileges were indeed profound. She got to decide which fallen soldiers would enter her particular part of heaven (a variation of Valhalla) after their heroic deaths. She was additionally revered on her beauty, and underst d for her numerous enthusiasts.

The title Freya literally equals “noble woman,” and Nameberry calls it “one for the quickest rising names of the past several years,” which probably means you have, in fact, been aware of it. As of 2013, it’s been climbing the maps in the usa, which must imply that its quality that is haunting is a lot more haunting.


As a Queen of Macedonia therefore the daughter associated with great ruler that is egyptian, founder associated with Ptolemaic dynasty, Lysandra was as powerful a figure as her epic name suggests. Her moniker additionally, but, means a species of exquisitely lovely blue butterfly, the Lysandra Bellargus, a babylon escort Visalia CA painterly beauty of nature if there ever ended up being one.

As Nameberry describes it, Lysandra is also a female version of the title Lysander, one of the star-crossed, enchanted enthusiasts in Shakespeare is A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Like its counterpart that is male means “liberator,” so it is a moniker which includes some pretty powerful feminist connoations to it, t .

In pop culture, Lysandra is also a powerful witch, and an associate of the Ebony Family Tree, in Harry Potter. So if you’re buying a name that has power, beauty, as well as an array of extremely interesting (and quite divergent) meanings mounted on it, this moniker that is gorgeous you should be perfect for you and yours.


Pronuonced Al-sigh-eh-nee (or Al-see-oh-nee), this baby that is beautiful involves us from a tragic but finally uplifting ( at least symbolically) tale out of Greek mythology. Alcyone was the wife and love that is true of, a sailor; the set was said to have angered the gods Zeus and Hera by comparing themselves to said deities, and Zeus retaliated by sinking Ceyx’s ship by striking it by having a thunderbolt.

If the ghost of her husband appeared to her in a dream to tell her exactly what had occurred, a heartbroken Alcyone threw herself in to the sea, as well as the gods, remorseful due to their own venegeful conduct, switched the set into halcyon birds/kingfishers, which thereafter flew and sw ped together through the sky in ecstatic reunion, their problems at an end.

So, there you’ve got it sad/happy, but the majority surely unique and epic. As Behind the title points down, Alcyone title can be the title of this brightest star in the pleaides.

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