The requirement to know HIV status disclosure expectations and methods among non-HIV-positive homosexual and bisexual guys in Australia

The requirement to know HIV status disclosure expectations and methods among non-HIV-positive homosexual and bisexual guys in Australia

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Although there is evidence of increasing overall rates of HIV status disclosure among homosexual and men that are bisexual little is famous about men’s disclosure objectives and methods. In this study, we investigate the value non-HIV-positive men in Australia vest in knowing the HIV status of their sexual partners, as well as the extent to that they limit intercourse to lovers of the same HIV status, and their HIV disclosure expectations. Information were collected via a nationwide, online self-report survey. Of this 1044 guys contained in the study, 914 were HIV negative and 130 had been untested. Individuals finished the assessment of socio-demographic faculties, HIV status preferences, and disclosure expectations and methods. Participants also finished dependable multi-item measures of recognized danger of HIV transmission, expressed stigma that is HIV-related and engagement using the homosexual community plus the community of individuals coping with HIV. One fourth (25.9%) of participants wanted to know the HIV status of all of the partners that are sexual and one-third (37.2%) limited sex to lovers of comparable HIV status. Three quarters (76.3%) expected partners that are HIV-positive disclosure their HIV status before sex, compared to 41.6per cent whom expected HIV-negative males to reveal their HIV status. Fewer than half (41.7%) of individuals stated that they consistently disclosed their HIV status to sexual lovers. Multivariate linear regression analysis identified different covariates of disclosure objectives and techniques, in specific of disclosure expectations regarding HIV-positive guys. Men whom expected HIV-positive lovers to reveal their HIV status before sex more frequently lived outside money urban centers, had been less educated, were less likely to recognize as homosexual, observed more risk of HIV transmission from a selection of sexual methods, had been less engaged with the community of men and women living with HIV, and expressed more stigma towards HIV-positive individuals. These findings claim that an HIV-status divide is emerging or currently exists among gay males in Australia. HIV-negative and untested males whom are almost certainly to sexually exclude HIV-positive males are less connected to the HIV epidemic much less educated about HIV risk and prevention.


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Disclosure of HIV status between casual lovers is becoming increasingly frequent among both HIV-positive and HIV-negative men that are gay Australia (Holt et al., 2013 ; de Wit, Mao, Adam, & Treloar, 2014 ). This general enhance appears to reflect the importance of HIV status disclosure for gay males in handling transmission danger in casual sex contexts, in specific with the use of non-condom risk-reduction techniques. Non-condom risk-reduction methods are most commonly reported by HIV-positive homosexual males (Elford, 2006 ; Holt et al., 2013 ; van Kesteren, Hospers, & Kok, 2007 ; Mao et al., 2011 ; Zablotska, Crawford et al., 2009 ), but are also increasingly being used by HIV-negative homosexual men (Holt et al., 2011 ; Zablotska, Crawford et al., 2009 ). Nevertheless, styles in disclosure of HIV status may possibly not be driven by simply the popularity that is increasing of techniques such as for example serosorting, but may also be associated with the disclosure expectations and serostatus preferences of gay men.

Recent findings from perform cross-sectional studies of gay guys in Australia show that around one-fifth of HIV-positive men who possess condomless sex with casual partners constantly disclose their serostatus, and also this shows a dramatic enhance over days gone by 10 years (Holt et al., 2013 ; de Wit et al., 2014 ). A review of studies through the USA noted that the percentage of HIV-positive men whom constantly disclosed to sex partners ranged from 25% to 58% in numerous studies (Sullivan, 2005 ). A few research reports have stated that among HIV-positive males the likelih d of disclosing serostatus to all or any sex partners ended up being linked to the number of lovers general, and that guys whom had more sex lovers had been less inclined to disclose their serostatus to all partners (Rosser et al., 2008 ; Sullivan parship usa, 2005 ). Among HIV-negative guys, only 7.5% who had sex that is condomless their HIV status to all or any sexual lovers, although particularly this proportion has additionally increased significantly over the past 10 years (de Wit at al., 2014 ). Even though the percentage of HIV-negative men whom disclose their status to all or any partners is fairly low, in an earlier national survey of homosexual and bisexual guys in Australia, disclosure to your newest sex that is casual was reported by half (54%) of HIV-negative men (Holt, Rawstorne et al., 2011 ). Disclosing to the most recent partner that is casual connected with previously having had sex with the partner, making love in a personal house ( rather than intercourse venue), having a lowered range sex partners overall, residing in a money city and having a greater expectation that HIV-negative men should reveal their status before sex.

The main focus of all studies happens to be disclosure methods, that have provided findings regarding the percentage of males whom know the serostatus of their intercourse partners. But, to date, there has been research that is little objectives of HIV status disclosure among gay guys. One survey of HIV-negative homosexual and bisexual guys in Australia in 2000 discovered that 79.3% of participants expected HIV-positive males to reveal their HIV status just before sex that is having de Ven, Rawstorne, Crawford, & Kippax, 2001 ). In a similar research carried out decade later on, Holt et al. ( 2011 ) unearthed that HIV-negative males highly agreed that HIV-positive guys should reveal their HIV status before intercourse. These men that are same lower expectations that HIV-negative guys should reveal their status.

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